Zane W. Levitt

I am a filmaker. The creative process and team effort are highly satisfying to me. I have produced 14 feature films so far and have written three projects, the most recent one which I have co-written and will produce and direct, titled 'Tres Cruzados'. I am a hands-on producer, starting with the development of the script, casting, pre-production, hiring of the crew, production and all post-production details.

My interest in film began in high school when I became involved in theater from acting to assisting the director, working as a crew member, etc. It was also there I made my 1st short film.

After high school I moved to San Francisco where I attended The College of Marin and the San Francisco Art Institute.  I got a job working as an assistant for director Paul Bartel in Los Angeles, who directed numerous cult classics. While working for Paul Bartel I optioned a project for which I raised the funding and produced.

I enjoy being involved in every aspect of filmmaking and seeing the film through to completion, staying on budget and on time and working well with all involved.